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Live Lessons from the Sparx Family  

We're really excited to announce we are launching two series of live maths lessons. We've identified two streams where we hope we can help struggling students during this unprecedented time. 

How can you join in? 

The first two courses in our live series will cover the following age groups:

Year 6: Secondary Ready 
    • These sessions are aimed at Year 6 students who are due to start secondary school in September.
    • These lessons will be run on Sparx Maths Virtual Classroom. You can find out more information on Sparx Maths here.
    • There is a 12 lesson timetable with this series.
    • The next sessions will be on 
      • Tuesday 5th May - Multiplying and dividing by powers of 10
      • Thursday 7th May - Dividing numbers into equal groups
      • Tuesday 12th May - Finding areas and perimeters using grids
    • All sessions will run at 11am. 
To join us for this course then please complete the registration form.
Year 11: A-Level
    • These lessons are aimed at Year 11 students who are planning on taking A-Level maths.
    • They will be hosted by Mr Hegarty on YouTube Live.
    • They will be run every day at 2pm starting from 22nd April.
You can access these lessons on the Hegarty YouTube channel.


What is Sparx Maths? 

For secondary schools, Sparx Maths is a complete solution that supports teachers in planning, delivering and reviewing both lessons and homework throughout Key Stage 3 and GCSE.

Benefits for school leaders, teachers and students range from personalised learning for every student to incredible real-time insights into class and student progress for teachers.

What do I need to partake in a lesson? 

You will need paper, a pen and an internet-enabled device - a smartphone will work, but we would recommend a tablet or laptop.  

How many people are online at one time? 

If you are joining the secondary ready classes there is a maximum number of 100 students at one time. There is a unlimited number on the A-level classes. 

How do I access the lesson? 

To access the secondary ready lessons then please follow this link and complete the form. To access the A-level lessons simply tune into the Hegarty YouTube channel at 2pm everyday. 

Who is teaching? 

Both of our live lesson streams will be delivered by qualified Maths Teachers. 

Secondary Ready - Mrs Searle will be teaching this course. Mrs Searle graduated with BSc(Hons) in Mathematical Sciences with the Open University, completed her teacher training qualification and then went on to complete the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership.  As Head of Mathematics and Examinations Officer, she was responsible for overseeing the Mathematics curriculum provision for students 2-18 years, preparing students for GCSE and A level examinations. 

A - Level - Our A-Level lessons will be delivered by Mr Hegarty. Mr Hegarty was the first in his family to attend university, gaining a first-class degree in Mathematics from Oxford University. Whilst teaching in a secondary school, Colin shared maths tutorial videos online in a bid to make maths accessible for everyone.

Following their success, he founded HegartyMaths – an online homework solution supporting those students who need extra help with maths, and provides them with a way to access life opportunities that they otherwise might not have even considered. HegartyMaths is now a part of the Sparx Family.